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    Dance show: Life is value

    In December we were a part of a powerful dance performance Življenje je vrednota (Life is a value) with a great cause to help young people who survived though battle with cancer.

    If you haven't already, make sure to visit one of their upcoming shows (https://www.katjadancecompany.com/termini)- one coming already tonight at Španski Borci. And to give you a sneak peek of their show, take a look of some images taken in Logatec. Amazing show :)


    Conference on global learning

    Recently we have photographed the third national conference on global learning organized by Humanitas and Peace Institute. The event was characterized by Dr. Vanessa Andreotti’s inspiring lecture, three different workshops and the presentation of the winners of the SAME WORLD competition. Participants definitely looked satisfied, smiley and full of new ideas for the future.

    On the 22nd of November the third national conference on global learning called “From global challenges to global citizens: How to address sensitive issues and create spaces of coexistence?” took place. This time Humanitas organized the conference in cooperation with the Peace Institute. The main message of the conference was that we have to become aware of our own integration into global systems and the co-dependence of the whole world. Only after realizing that we can become the actors of positive changes. Besides inspiring lecture of dr. Vanessa Andreotti the participants could also attend one of the three workshops: workshop on loosening prejudice and conflict situations, workshop on the “evil” global challenges, and interactive workshop on Capitalism and Consumerism with the Theatre of the Oppressed technique. The whole event was marked by mass participation, great atmosphere, and numerous satisfied faces that we captured with our camera.

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    En.ekonomika & Industrija

    This time we had the opportunity to document a conference on economics and industry that took place at the Faculty of Economics and brought us a whole bunch of ideas and good practice in the fields of energetics, and numerous interesting guests from industry as well as from national and local government.

    Besides challenges connected with energy generation the guests of the first round table emphasized the importance of energy efficiency and establishing organization on the local leval with local energetic sources. We heard how they do it in Idrija and Sevnica communities, besides we found out also that the price of electricity from renewable energy sources will inevitably become more expensive. Since quality and reliable energy supply is an imperative for a successful and competitive economy the underlying theme of the second table was the importance of integration and cooperation, which enable such a supply. To get an even better insight into how the event was like visit our gallery.


    Quantuum leadership with Danah Zohar

    Recently we tried to capture Danah Zohar and her crystal balls, which she used to illustrate the principles of quantum physics and their use in the modern leadership.

    And what do quantum physics and leadership have in common? Thinking ahead by formulating many scenarios for what the future might hold, encourage questions and experiments, being aware of the outer world and its influence (and our influence on the world) … Putting it all together wasn’t trivial therefore the quantum workshop triggered several questions and challenging thoughts from the participants. To be more convincing, Andrej Božič from Steklarna Hrastnik and Ksenija Špiler Božič from BB Consulting who have been working together with Zohar for some time now, were proving us that the principles really hold also in practice. Anyway, we loved the workshop. But since the photography is more meaningful then words you better make your own impression of the atmosphere and the reactions of the participants.

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